What is BtcixPay ?

What is BtcixPay ?

Date:2024-03-21 23:29:25


Btcix Pay is a successful application in the Super App category, utilizing decentralized blockchain technology with 90% artificial intelligence support. It is capable of permanently recording approved data entries into the blockchain environment, even without the confirmation of transaction accuracy.

The possibilities with Btcix Pay are virtually limitless. Additionally, you can access all your transactions from the Past Transactions page in daily, weekly, and monthly report formats, with the option to select a date range of over 50 years for historical transaction access.

What can you do with Btcix Pay?

Transfer money, virtual currency, foreign exchange, and cryptocurrencies to other Btcix Pay members via email address.
Shop from integrated e-commerce stores.
Make and receive payments via virtual and physical POS terminals.
Convert your mobile phone into a POS terminal with NFC functionality for payments.
Scan and make payments through QR code scanning.
Obtain virtual and physical cards from the Btcix Pay Portal and use them universally online worldwide.
Utilize IPFS-supported SHA-256 encryption for secure blockchain storage, ensuring that only you have access to your stored data with the Fast Track feature, enabling high-security transfers of files, documents, videos, audio recordings, regardless of size.
Perform currency exchange and swaps.
Benefit from all campaigns and deals monitored by Btcix Pay at partner stores.
Reserve tickets and participate in cultural, artistic, and similar events.
Quickly purchase tickets and make reservations related to tourism through the integration with tourism companies, including bus, plane, train, Hajj, Umrah, and car rental services.
Carry out various transactions with institutions via e-Government integration, such as bill payments, tax payments, topping up HGS and OGS systems, etc.
Define all affiliated banks to your personal account and enjoy features like inter-account transactions, EFT, wire transfer, statement payments, facilitated by this association.


A. Transfer via Email
B. E-Commerce Stores Module and Integration
C. Virtual and Physical POS
D. Payment with NFC
E. Payment with QR Code
F. Shopping with Physical and Virtual Cards
G. Decentralized Document Archiving with Blockchain IPFS Support
H. Currency Exchange and Swap
I. Transactions with Cryptocurrencies
J. International Money Transfers
K. Tracking and Benefiting from Campaigns at Partner Stores
L. Event Tracking for Reservation or Ticket Purchase
M. Integration with Tourism and Passenger Companies for Ticket Purchase
N. Integration with e-Government
O. Defining All Affiliated Banks to Personal Account and Conducting Inter-Account Transactions

A. Transfer via Email

Through the Btcix Pay application, you can transfer money to other Btcix Pay individual members, corporate members, and affiliated stores. You can receive and make payments as well. This eliminates the need to send and communicate information such as IBAN, account number, or Turkish identification number (TC NO) for transactions.

B. E-Commerce Stores Module and Integration

With the Virtual POS and Payment Receiving Screen developed by Btcix Pay, you can receive payments securely via the 3D Secure security protocol within seconds. You can also instantly view your transactions from the Btcix Pay merchant dashboard.

Btcix Pay can be integrated with various module versions and compatible e-commerce infrastructure systems as follows:

**Opencart E-Commerce**
- Compatible Versions:
  - Opencart v3.0.3.7 TR Final - February 9, 2021
  - Opencart v3.0.3.6 TR Final - July 20, 2020
  - Opencart v3.0.3.2 TR Final - April 9, 2019
  - Opencart v3.0.3.1 TR Final - January 7, 2019
  - Opencart v3.0.2.0 TR Final - July 18, 2017
  - Opencart v3.0.1.2 TR Final - July 7, 2017
  - Opencart v2.3.0.2 TR Final - August 1, 2016
  - Opencart v2.2.0.0 TR Final - March 2, 2016
  - Opencart v2.1.0.2 TR Final - January 12, 2016
  - Opencart v2.1.0.1 TR Final - October 6, 2015
  - Opencart v2.0.3.1 TR Final - May 29, 2015
  - Opencart v2.0.3.0 TR Final - April 29, 2015
  - Opencart v2.0.2.0 TR Final - March 31, 2015
  - Opencart v2.0.0.2 TR Final - February 20, 2015

**Woocommerce E-Commerce**
- Compatible Versions:
  - Woocommerce 4.1.0 TR Final - May 2020
  - Woocommerce 3.8.0 TR Final - December 2019
  - Woocommerce 3.7.0 TR Final - March 2019
  - Woocommerce 3.5.6 TR Final - December 2019
  - Woocommerce 3.5.3 TR Final - November 2018

**Magento E-Commerce**
- Compatible Versions:
  - Magento 2.4.2 Current Version
  - Magento 2.4.2 New Version
  - Magento 2.3.7 Stable Version
  - Magento 2.3.6 Stable Version
  - Magento 1.9.7 Stable Version
  - Magento 1.9.1 Stable Version

These are the supported versions for integration with Btcix Pay across different e-commerce platforms.

C. Virtual and Physical POS

Btcix Pay allows you to receive and make payments either through virtual POS or physical POS terminals. You can process your transactions either through e-commerce integrated modules or through a payment screen where only numerical values are entered. With its artificial intelligence capable of making decisions based on the characteristics of physical POS terminals, Btcix Pay enables you to accept payments via chip or contactless methods.

While you focus on entering numbers or updating your products, Btcix Pay will handle all the necessary digital communications, verifying and approving them within seconds.

**Compatible Card Types with Btcix Pay Application:**
- Visa
- Maestro
- Mastercard
- Amex
- MirKart

**Compatible Devices with Btcix Pay Application:**
- POS-6000 Android 8.1 mobile POS
- Vera Delta PLUS Mobile Cash Register POS
- Paygo SP630 Next Generation Mobile Cash Register POS
- Ingenico Move 5000f Cash Register POS
- Ingenico Ide280 Next Generation Cash Register POS
- inPOS M530 Cash Register POS
- Beko 400 Tr Touchscreen Cash Register POS
- Paygo SP630 Next Generation Mobile Cash Register POS
- inPos INPOSM530 Mobile Cash Register POS
- İnfoteks Fusion 410 G Cash Register POS
- Ingenico Move 5000f Mobile Cash Register POS
- Ingenico Move5000F POS
- Vera Plus Cash Register POS

These are the types of cards and devices compatible with the Btcix Pay application, providing flexibility and ease of payment processing.

D. Payment with NFC

NFC, "Near Field Communication," which stands for "Near Field Communication," enables two devices to connect, exchange information, or activate various functions using electromagnetic induction, a short-range wireless communication technology. The communication system is bidirectional and allows devices to establish a contactless peer-to-peer connection. Authentication and connection occur automatically without the need for any PIN or password entry. Data can only be transferred from one device to another by touching or being in very close proximity.

The data transmission speed via NFC is 106, 212, or 424 kbit/s, and the maximum distance defined by the protocol is 10 cm. The main frequency is 13.56 MHz, and the bandwidth depends on the adopted modulation. NFC can work through three standards to enable various applications, including wireless tag readers, cryptographic credit card processing, and peer-to-peer (P2P) connections.

NFC technology utilizes a wireless communication technique that differs from radio, based on RFID standards such as ISO-IEC 14443 and ISO-IEC 15963. While most radios transmit data via radio wave propagation, NFC transmits data through magnetic field induction at 13.56 MHz, corresponding to a wavelength of 22 meters. The significant advantage of transmitting data through induction rather than radio waves is that the field decays much faster, significantly reducing the ability for conversations between devices to be eavesdropped from the outside.

Another important feature of NFC in terms of its operating principle is cryptographic credit card transactions used for contactless payments. Traditional RFID and credit card usage applications are performed as a one-way interaction through a passive tag or an active card reader. Public key encryption allows the credit card to generate a new authentication code for each transaction without revealing the three-digit security code. Thus, even if a malicious actor were to eavesdrop on you or, for example, a hacker were to query your card in a crowded metro, they would not be able to access the original card details.

The P2P connection feature of NFC allows more capable devices such as smartphones, headphones, routers, household appliances, and industrial equipment to initiate NFC queries or respond to them.

NFC is widely used in applications such as authentication of credit card payments, enabling physical access, transferring small files, and initiating wireless connections. It facilitates loading multiple cards onto a single phone for payments. With the more dynamic features provided by smartphones, it enhances RFID systems and other contactless capabilities.

Most phones support NFC chips and applications like Apple Pay and Google Pay to leverage millions of RFID tags. Interactive applications such as automatic pairing of Bluetooth headphones and Wi-Fi connections also benefit from NFC. Modern services like Google Nearby Share use NFC to configure wireless services on faster networks like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct. Additionally, an NFC-compatible device can automatically receive data or embedded applications from a poster or advertisement.

1. NFC complements various technologies, including RFID, EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa), Bluetooth, UWB, and QR codes.
2. In mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay
3. Payments via transportation cards
4. Tickets for events like concerts or theaters
5. Access verification systems for doors or offices
6. Access applications like unlocking car doors or rental scooters
7. Devices that pair smartphones and headphones by touching them together
8. Automatic setup applications like Wi-Fi connection

You can use the Btcix Pay NFC Payment Method on all NFC-enabled devices.

E. Payment with QR Code

Btcix Pay makes QR code payment acceptance and transactions incredibly easy. After entering the information on the "Pay with QR" screen, you can generate a QR code by clicking the "Generate QR" button. Then, by scanning the QR code displayed on the screen using another Btcix Pay QR payment screen, you can complete your transaction within seconds. Additionally, you can perform the same process using your physical POS devices and track them from the Btcix Pay member screen. With its simple and user-friendly interface, Btcix Pay allows you to quickly perform QR code payment and acceptance transactions, saving you time and hassle.

F. Shopping with Physical and Virtual Cards

Through the Btcix Pay platform, you can make purchases using the virtual card with a limited duration that you create. Additionally, you can request a physical card from the physical card creation screen. Once you create a physical card, you can link it to the Btcix Pay platform and easily perform transactions between your linked accounts. Since the Btcix Pay physical card has universal characteristics, such as contactless payment, NFC payment, and virtual POS payment features, it is valid on many platforms. Furthermore, the Btcix Pay physical or virtual card possesses similar capabilities to Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Amex, and MirKart card types.

G. Decentralized Document Archiving with Blockchain IPFS Support

Btcix FastTrack is a universal file storage, ownership assignment, and transfer tool with decentralized file transfer provider capability. It offers a highly successful and fast structure for storing your assets. As your asset management system, Btcix FastTrack also has some interesting features like ownership transfer, daily monitoring, and asset acquisition.

With a privacy-focused structure, your documents are safe. Saving your files is made as simple as putting money in your piggy bank. Our smart contracts securely record your transactions on the blockchain while handling your IPFS files.

Everything is under control. Thanks to blockchain technology and the Btcix FastTrack storage system, your files are secure. The Ownership page allows you to manage all your files and surprisingly transfer ownership of these files. Other individual or corporate users on the network can receive the files you transfer, and Btcix FastTrack takes care of the rest.

From you to a friend or between institutions & individuals with utmost secrecy. You can transfer ownership! Btcix FastTrack allows you to transfer ownership of your stored files. All you need is your file and the recipient's address.

Btcix FastTrack is equipped with high-security protocols, making it a blockchain document transfer tool. Your documents, encrypted with SHA 256, are sent from one end of the Btcix network to the other, and the sending technique is highly regulated. Only you and the recipient can see, modify, or delete the document you send, putting everything under your control.