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Date:2022-03-25 20:36:50


(ETN) Introduction

etn abbreviation:ETN

Release date : 01.07.2017
  • Project basic information

Issue Time:2017-07-01

Total Supply:17.899.328.320

Circulation :17.899.328.320

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  •  Project Introduction

Electroneum is a blockchain-based payment platform designed specifically for use on mobile devices like smartphones. It’s claimed to be the first Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) compliant cryptocurrency. ETN, Electroneum’s native crypto, is virtually mined using mobile devices.The cryptocurrency has a massively loyal and committed following – its marketing strategy has tended toward virality, which has gained it over 2.7 million registered users (January 2019).


Frontend Title:Electronium Symbol:etn English abbreviation:ETN
Developers:Richard Ells The core algorithm:SHA256 Release date:01.07.2017
Block speed: Circulating Supply:17.899.328.320 Stock:17.899.328.320
Proof way: Difficulty adjustment: Block Bonus::
Key Features: