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(FTM) Introduction

FANTOM abbreviation:FTM

Release date : 15/06/2018
  • Project basic information

Issue Time:2018-06-15

Total Supply:2.545.006.273

Circulation :2.545.006.273

White paper:https://fantom.foundation/research/wp_fantom_v1.6.pdf


Block Explorer:https://ftmscan.com/

  •  Project Introduction

Launched in December 2018, Fantom is a compelling Ethereum alternative for blockchain designers. As an open-source smart contract enabled blockchain, it allows designers to develop secure, comprehensive and modular DApps (Decentralized Apps).Fantom is designed to overcome all the limitations of the previous generation of blockchain platforms. The biggest limitation of the previous generation of blockchains is widely known as the blockchain trilemma. This involves three aspects: decentralization, security and scalability. To improve on one of these aspects, it will have to come at the expense of one of the other two.


Frontend Title:FANTOM Symbol:FANTOM English abbreviation:FTM
Developers:Dr. Ahn Byung The core algorithm:SHA256 Release date:15/06/2018
Block speed:18 Circulating Supply:2.545.006.273 Stock:2.545.006.273
Proof way:https://bscscan.com/token/0xad29abb318791d579433d8 Difficulty adjustment: Block Bonus::
Key Features: