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(BAKE) Introduction

BAKE abbreviation:BAKE

Release date : 01/09/2020
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Issue Time:2020-09-01

Total Supply:289.770.802

Circulation :193.529.499

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  •  Project Introduction

BakerySwap bills itself as the next iteration of Uniswap. It aims to be a faster, cheaper, and tastier version of Uniswap. Liquidity providers will be rewarded with BAKE tokens from which they can earn a share of BakerySwap’s trading fees and use for voting as part of BakerySwap’s governance.


Frontend Title:BakeryToken Symbol:BAKE English abbreviation:BAKE
Developers: The core algorithm:SHA256 Release date:01/09/2020
Block speed:18 Circulating Supply:193.529.499 Stock:289.770.802
Proof way: Difficulty adjustment: Block Bonus::
Key Features: