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A1 Handheld HD mini projector

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Czech Republic, as the A1Wireless Micro Projector

Based on the worlds firstDLPTechnology.LEDMicro projector light Technology

A1It is based on the worlds firstDLPTechnology.0.3inchDMDFull function self-decoding chip (up to1080PResolution video)LEDLIGHT SOURCE mini projector, built-in wireless communication module interconnect technology, coupled with a variety of digital products, no cumbersome external data lines and power lines, not the space, limits the geographical environment.LEDMini projector, also known as pocket projectors, portable projectors, is the traditional large projector is compact, portable, miniaturized, entertainment, practical, living closer to the projector and entertainment. As a result of world-class (OSRAMOSRAM Semiconductor)LEDLight source technology, in view of theLEDSuper life, the average life of the aircraft over3Million hours.

Small projector, big screen

Work, play a machine in place, anytime, anywhere to share with others

The industrys first built-in wireless high-speedWi-FiModules and1080PHD decoder chip, can interpret and transmit more video sources Ninetowns, to make your online video everywhere, small projectors, large screen, anytime, anywhere to share videos, pictures and other resources with others, the use of direct readingTFMemory card or machineOFFICEDocuments, process documents faster and more convenient.A1Wireless mini projector for mobile commerce (in particular:IT, Advisory, consultancy, finance, insurance, direct marketing, etc.), product display, playbackOFFICEDocuments, digital products, video sharing, video games, small meetings and education, outdoor recreation,PARTYEtc., childrens education and entertainment.

Built-in wireless communication module

Phone remote control, wired and wireless computer connection, in one step

Support mobile remote control, mobile phone can be used as a remote control to manipulate projected. Connected to the computer, may be wired, wireless connected to the computer. The product not only can be read only byTFMemory card or machine function, can also be connected via the built-in wireless communication module with wireless smart phone, the phone screen display wirelessly to the projector and projected out, with Apple support Andrews phone system, while supporting the system iPad,PCEtc., and can be connected to wired and wireless laptop or desktop computer and is mirrored in the screen content.

The worlds first user-friendly operator interface

Easy to read, easy to understand, easy to operate

The worlds first user-friendly interface, easy to read, compared with similar products, the first contact with the user of the product, can master most of the functions operate in a shorter period of time, allowing users to go to a happy mood enjoy favorite video screen. Handheld projection products, this moderate brightness, image contrast1000:1,854x480High-resolution, colorful transparent, reproduction is good, the pictures are clear, sharp, high-definition players and other text documents, good detail.

Compared with other similar products, it has the following characteristics and advantages:

. The minimum volume of the whole industry in the same function, the lightest weight, better portability.
. Via wired and wireless connectionswindowsSystems, system products Apple, Android products.
. At the same time distance projection, large screen area than similar products10About inches, the picture looks more intuitive and comfortable, smooth.
. Machine built-in wireless communication module, data processing and receiving stable, free from outside environmental factors, moving, shaking, etc., causing wireless communication signal is interrupted or affect play smooth, high yield when the unit quantities.
. The use of the polymer lithium battery, the safety of the market than similar models battery, and service life than normal life lithium battery.
. Optimization of cooling duct design, low noise, less overall opening ratio, dust absorption probability is small, the appearance of better treatment process, the whole low fault repair rate.

1Whether all mobile phones can be connected to the wireless mini-projector?

A: Currently supported phone operating system Android4.0Or later, Apple System version5.1(Including the version) to use, does not supportwindowsphoneSeries mobile phone operating system.

2The maximum area of the screen can be projected much?

answer:40Inch left and right/1M, in a dark room and projected a larger area, the largest80Inches, depending on the Environment and to cast to determine the size of the projected area.

3, The machine has built-in internal memory?

A: The machine can remove externalTFCard (up to32G), The own internal4GMemory, it can store the user wants to store content.

4, You can remote control, remote control why not?

A: The design of this product for handheld products, machine surface to meet the basic remote control key functions, the desktop is not large projection, key functions more convenient to operate, there is no remote corners, easy to carry . Second, we designed with smart phones can be wireless communications, the use of mobile phones with wirelessWi-fiConnection, you can achieve massive online content transmission, while the phone can also be installedEZCONTROLThis oneAPPSoftware, software to operate the projector through this entire function. Most mobile phones can replace the remote control, mobile phone touch operation more convenient.

5, External speakers can do?

A: You can add multimedia or other wired active speakers.

6You can use mobile power supply to the machine do? Choose what kind of mobile power supply? General mobile power can use how long?

A: may be used, according to our charging adapter for an external power supply parameters, the mobile power is selected5V/2Ausage ofMicro usbThe plug can be used depends on the time the battery capacity of the contents and mobile power slideshow.

7, The whole of life for how long, how to ensure after-sales?

A: The worlds leading machine usedLEDLight source technology, the column has been mentioned above, a normal life3More than million hours, according to daily use8hourCompute,8hourX365=2920hour,Minimum machine canuse8In the above, the difficulty that the micro-projection structure design and reasonable cooling duct design, different from the machine on the market some products, opening rate, dispersion duct design, easily sucked into the dust, resulting in damage to the circuit board and the machine stops cooling fan turn; Second, some of the machines on the market due to the irrational thermal design, high heat, the machine at work, obviously felt the body heat, even more than the heat-resistant temperature of the user, to the user experience bad sense. This machine Machine noise is also lower than similar products, will not hear the annoying noise when you use; the machine has passed the national3CCertification, safety and quality assurance, do not worry about the use of safety and service.

8, The brightness will decay it?

A: Use3To5In the future, it may be the overall brightness decay15%, Electronic product itself is a consumable, after long-term use, light attenuation is a normal situation, but the machine will not stop working, slightly lower on the projection screen brightness.

9This projector is why there is no curtain? Direct investment in the white wall effect is affected?

answer: This is a portable projector, projection design idea is anywhere, it is not necessary with a projection screen, projected on the wall is no effect without stain white walls can be, projection.

10Why the machine in use, some feel the body heat?

A: light source inside the projector generates heat during operation, the air passage through the interior of the heat flows, the heat in the process of moving through the machine housing part may, it will feel some heat machine housing, it is normal, not Affect.

11, Caution priorities?

A: Non inlet, an air outlet foreign matter blocking file, or other objects covered by the body, leading to the heat generated when the working machine can not timely and effectively discharged, body heat causing significant damage to the machine; prohibited in the environment or sand acid and alkali environments; non-water machines other liquids so as to avoid damage to the machine.