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Apple iPad Air 2 9.7 Inch 16G Wi

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    iPad Air 2 Gently, change everything. More than before and more energy, so that you do not want to let go; Light and thin, so that you feel in the hand. for iPadWe always had a seemingly contradictory goals: to create an extremely powerful, yet lightweight slim to feel in your hand equipment; you can make a full sway, but effortless equipment. iPad Air 2 Not only to achieve all this, and even exceeded our expectations. numerous App,for iPad Tailored, Also for the achievements of everything you want to do. iPad Air 2 It builds a variety of powerful apps to get you on the go, such as browsing the web, checking emails, edit videos and photos, writing reports and reading books. Not only that,App Store There are thousands of models appDesigned for iPad Large multi-touch Retina Display and well-designed, more than just a mobile phone app Simple zoom. So whether you are interested in photography, games, travel, or want to manage their own finances, there is always a app You will do better. iOS 8 with iPad Air 2, Joined forces. iOS 8 Ahead of its mobile operating system, its advanced features let iPad Air 2 It becomes indispensable. Continuous interworking function lets you start a project on this device, and then continue on another device. Family Sharing feature allows you to easily share books with up to six people and app. ICloud Drive lets you safely store various types of files and access them from your various devices. In fact,iOS 8 Everything is in order and not only on iPad Air 2 Tacit understanding with the design, but also to the powerful A8X Chip, fast wireless connectivity, and brilliant Retina Advantages of the display to the fullest and to build.