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MacBook Pro MF839CH/A 13.3 Inch

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MacBook Pro

WithRetina Display

Each pixel particles, filling the surging power.

Eye-catching Retina Display

Ahead of its time several megapixels

15 Inch model has more than 500 CMOS,13 Inch model has more than 400 CMOS. So whether you are in the retouch photos or clips HDHD home videos can get stunning clarity. Text is also sharp and clear, let them browse the web and modify the document everyday things have become more enjoyable than ever. Such a display before being worthy of this extremely advanced notebook computer.

Force Touch Touch version

Let a new level of depth corresponding formula

13 inch MacBook Pro And bring you Mac The new way of interaction. Compact design Force Touch Touch pad, so you either tap the surface of which position, can get sensitive and consistent results click response. Below the touchpad, the intensity sensor can detect the intensity of your tap, add a new dimension to touch operation. You can enable long press by forcing a series of new features, such as simply increasing the intensity of pressing on the touchpad, you can quickly view the definition of words or preview files. You can also experience the tactile feedback, the touchpad will be issued a tactile vibration, so everything you see on the screen, but also feel it. All of these advanced features, all with deeply Mac Users favorite Multi-Touch With the use of gestures. Between easy, and you Mac Between communication, entered a new realm. Only13Inch models.

A number of new high-performance technology

Technology work together to quickly fulfill all

It has strong power of dual-core and quad-core Intel Processors, advanced graphics processor, based on PCIe High-speed flash memory and fast Thunderbolt 2 Port, with Retina Display MacBook Pro Bring a full range of high performanceAnd meet all of your expectations Correct laptop.Whether you areBrowseSite or building site,Or play streaming video or video clips,MacBook Pro Able to unimaginable power and speed the rapid handling extremely complex (And less complex) Task.

Thin, light, strong

Between the least bit, hold unlimited innovation

MacBook Pro The essence of the design is full of strong performance in a limited space. Because we believe, we should pursue high performance without sacrificing portability. Although the new 13 inch MacBook Pro So lightweight, but can still provide up 10 hourBatteryusetime,ratio ago product for an hour longer*.

With a range of powerfulAPP

Everything work smoothly, entertainment to get started

Every new Mac They are equipped with iPhoto,iMovie,GarageBand,Pages,Numbers with Keynote. From the moment it opened, you can use photos, videos, music, documents, spreadsheets and presentations to Get creative. To cope with OS X Yosemite The beautifully designed, these app Have been upgraded. At the same time, you also enjoy a variety of exciting appTo send and receive email, surf the web, send text information, FaceTime Video calls, and even a appWe can help you find new app.

OS X Yosemite

Advanced computer operating system

OS X Yosemite Easy to use, elegant and beautiful, more carefully built so that Mac Hardware functions into full play, called the advanced computer operating system. It is equipped with a series of outstanding appTo meet your daily needs. In addition, it lets you Mac with iOS Equipment can be a great way to tacit cooperation.

Retina Display

Several megapixels of good scenery

13 inch MacBook Pro

13 Inch equipped Retina Display MacBook Pro

When you put so much into the pixels of a display:13 Inch model to achieve 400 Multi-million pixels,15 Inch model to achieve 500 Multi-million pixels, the effect is absolutely eye-catching. Its high pixel density more than the human eye can distinguish the image fidelity to a whole new realm.13 inch MacBook Pro has an amazing 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution, 15 inch MacBook Pro We have equally impressive 2880 x 1800 pixel resolution, can let you in the high resolution image pixel accuracy lucidity. And the language is so sharp that you have the feeling of reading email, web pages and File on paper.

Retina Display while maintaining exceptional image quality and color, reducing the glare of. Its high-contrast black make more full-bodied, brighter white, all other colors also appear to be richer and more vivid.IPS Technology allows you to be able to 178 Wide viewing angle of viewing everything on the screen, so you can almost feel the difference from any angle. And you will certainly fascinated by everything he saw.

13 Inch equipped Retina Display MacBook Pro ratio HDTV More recent 200 CMOS,15 Inch model is more 300 CMOS.

advanced Intel Mobile Processor

Dual-core, quad-core, the powerful can not be discounted

13 Inch equipped Retina Display MacBook Pro,CarryThe fifth-generation dual-core Intel Core i5 or Intel Core i7 Processor, anytime, anywhere easily meet those high demands on performance appThis means that no matter where you go with the camera, your entire digital photo studio will be moving in unison. Each model incorporates Hyper-Threading technology that enhances performance by letting each core handle multiple tasks at the same time. Fast reached 3.1GHz Processing speed, up to 4MB Shared L3 cache and up3.4GHz of Turbo Boost Turbo Boost technology, these processors can cope with any task at any time.

High-performance graphics processor

Screen performance, thoroughly

13 Inch equipped Retina Display MacBook Pro Carry Intel Iris Graphics 6100 Graphics processor, is to perform a variety of daily tasks and graphics-intensive creative app The ideal choice. You can easily scroll through large photo libraries, playing those games is full of wonderful details, but also to connect one or two external displays, this is 13 inch MacBook Pro Once again a wonderful interpretation of the compact size and exceptional performance.

Long battery life

Life up 10 hour

13 inch MacBook Pro Charging time can run up 10 hour,More than a generationhour.and 15 Inch model can run for up to 8hour. For any laptop, such a battery are impressive. But is equipped with ultra-high resolution display, advanced processors and graphics processors, and high-performance notebook slim design, this is absolutely unbelievable. Built-in battery can provide up to you 1000 Last full charge and discharge cycles.

Faster all-flash

The name of flash memory, is not a mere name

based on PCle Flash has amazing read and write speeds,No matter what you do,You can feel the difference:Very fast to start,app Open fast, even the desktop is also very smooth, very fast response.13 Flash Qantas inch model than the previous generation 2 Times, so you can import massive gallery at the moment. In the 15 On-inch models, flash memory and quad-core processors and high-performance graphics processor combine to make Final Cut Pro X In demanding editing tasks can be done quickly. Since these MacBook Pro Models are equipped with up to 1TB of flash memory, therefore you can carry all the important files with you. In addition, flash does not have any moving parts, so it is extremely durable and quiet.

Mac Wonderful

Wonderful in it can help you do everything

Each Mac They are equipped with numerous inspire creativity and enhance the efficiency of app. At the same time, also has an impressive range of app To deal with daily affairs,includeBrowsenetwork page,Send e-mail and information,as well asOrganize your calendar.Theres even a appWe can help you find new app. So, your Mac Not only functional, but also heavily armed.